Hi, I am Aman, a
UI / UX Designer and Web
Developer based in India.

I am passionate about
designing accessible products.
I also do creative coding for fun.


UI / UX Design
Designing your website or application.
Design Consultation
Consulting on your existing product.
Product Development
Developing your web product.
User Research
Help you understand your users.


Latest work ⭐

Employment at Ticketmaster

Until recently (march ‘22), I was managing a team of Product designers for Ticketmaster in India as the Associate Director for Design. I am lucky to have built and led a team of brilliant designers.
Because of confidentiality of the work, I cannot showcase all of it. However, we can discuss that in detail over calls.

Old work

All the products in the list are either acquired or discontinued or are running some other version. This is here only to show you that I have done work, just not much out there to see :/


Make your products accessible.

It’s always great to design with accessibilty in mind so your product can be used by people with disabilities and I can help you with making your product accessible.
I have led accessibility initiatives in my previous employment to make products compliant with WCAG AA standards and to make it inclusive to people with accessibility needs.
If you’re looking to make your product accessible, I made a checklist that can be a good starting point.
View Checklist


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